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    Quality Assurance and Automation Framework.

  • Quality Assurance and Automation Framework
    Web and Mobile development
    Social media management
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    Social media management
    Business consultant
    QA and Automation Framework

What We Do

Cloud computing, Security, Open Source, Process Implementation, Process Improvement, Agile methodology,Continuous delivery source control automation

Maintainable, responsive, scalable web design

Using the latest technologies, we ensure your site will grows as your company grows.

3 tiers web development

Complete web development including data base, back office, business logic, presentation layer, and intuitive UX design.

Continuing support after development complete

30 days guarantee free of charge continuing maintenance agreement available.

Mobile & Tablet Development for iOS & Android

Our expert development will brings your idea to life.

QA and Automation implement and process improvement

Whether you are start up or well-established companies, we can help you improve effienciency using open source automation tool .

Cutting edge data analytics

Helping to improve sales by targeting specific demographic

Our development process

Customer focus development process.

Gather Requirements

Analyze data to pinpoint your target market.

Requirement analysis & Prototype

Prepare for content management and mockup.


Start to develop the product to make the customers satisfaction.

Finalize Product

💯 customer satisfaction from inception for delivery and afterwards.

What Our Customers Think

Angkor Tech has provided me the best service in term of logo design and business card and help to develop my strategy for my company.Thomas Johnson

Angkor Technology Solutions

Core Features of Angkor Tech Solutions

100% Responsive Layout

Responsive design is a term for a web design concept with the goal of providing an optimal viewing experience regardless of device.

Free Support & Updates

In the period of time, we will be responsible for free support and updates the contents.

Pixel Perfect Design

Make the pixel of the images and content on the website look in the high resolution

Rich Layout Options

Based on the design, will make a layout options to let customers to choose. Our layouts are always looking professionally

Why Choose Angkor Tech

Angkor techtechonology solution has been fully expereince in term of IT solution in the industry for a years. The most decent experience is working on website and mobile development process and expertize of building automation framework as well.

Responsive design is a term for a web design concept with the goal of providing an optimal viewing experience regardless of device. Responsive design uses HTML and CSS3 to create fluid layouts that adapt to any screen size, requiring as little scrolling as possible. One of the most important facets of responsive design is the use of relative widths (percentages) rather than absolute widths (pixels), allowing the message container, text and images to automatically adapt to the viewing environment. In addition, media queries can be used to instruct the email client to use different CSS styles depending on the display characteristics of a given device.
Visual design is important. It impacts everything we interact with and consume everyday. A good visual design, whether it be digital or in tangible space, can take an experience from bad to good or from good to great. However, for websites and digital content, bad design can prevent people from even seeing what you have to offer.

As crucial as good design is, it can often be neglected when it comes to creating marketing content.

Either for financial reasons, bandwidth reasons, or unexpected campaigns, design tasks can find themselves in the hands of marketers and content creators who don’t have extensive design experience.

The problem is that neglecting the visual design of a customer-facing project can have big consequences on the results.
Customer Satisfaction is our goal, we will work closely with our clients to ensure all product specifications meet our customers goals.